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Created by wordsworthj almost 6 years ago
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ICT Task
1 Accounts
1.1 Simple spreadsheet
1.2 Till automatically files and records
2 House style
2.1 Same between both businesses
2.2 Looks friendly and professional
2.3 Timeless style decreases update requirement
3 Locally sourced food
3.1 If quality wasn't found local, would extend further
3.2 Organic food
4 Advertising
4.1 Launched with facebook advertising
4.2 No longer pay for advertising
4.3 Win awards for advertisement
4.4 Magazines "not worth paying for advertisement"
5 Website
5.1 Target females
5.2 Webiste "slightly confusing" with two different things for dining and cafe
6 Enviro friendly
6.1 Car chargers outside
6.2 uses 1 litre cubed of water per day
6.3 uses thermal heating
6.3.1 wood fire
7 Location
7.1 Seaside
7.2 In a carpark

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