Sea level rise MEDC

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Sea level rise MEDC
1 Why the UK is subject to sea level rise
1.1 Global warming - the ice caps are melting which means more water in the worlds oceans
1.2 Sea levels are rising faster in the UK (east) where many lowland areas are located (1-2 millimetres per year) but the increase is double the average in the east and south of England.
1.3 Strong wind and storm events are increasing
1.4 Isostatic rebound
1.5 Scotland rising and SE sinking
2 Impacts of sea level rise
2.1 Social
2.1.1 People will be forced to move from their houses when they flood, breaking up the community.
2.1.2 Being an MEDC it will be easier to adapt to build houses that float
2.1.3 69 tube stations, 400 schools and 16 hospitals are also in the area
2.2 Environmental
2.2.1 Trees, freshwater lakes and farmland will all be lost
2.3 Economic
2.3.1 Loss of jobs and offices
2.3.2 People can't sell their homes
2.3.3 Jobs will be created (architects will be employed to design new homes)
2.3.4 1.5 million commuters work in Thames-side locations
2.3.5 Property assets are estimated at £100 billion
2.3.6 Infrastructure value is too high to calculate
2.4 Political
2.4.1 Parliament would be flooded and decisions would not be able to be made
2.4.2 Banks would be flooded

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