What's the Connection?

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This mind map explains the connections between The Calla Model and other approaches that are embedded within that framework.

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What's the Connection?
  1. The Calla Model
    1. The Calla Model is described as an instructional model for EL students that integrates content subjects, academic language and explicit instruction.
      1. This method of teaching connects to content-based instruction and academic language because The Calla Model relies heavily on those two aspects. This model relies on content so students learn grade-level material in all subjects. Academic Language is important in this model because students develop higher order thinking skills when this is incorporated.
        1. The Calla Model application requires a great use of teacher scaffolding. When teaching within The Calla Model, teachers must prepare, present, practice, evaluate, and extend student knowledge in order for a successful learning environment.
        2. The Content-Based Approach
          1. Content-based instruction is described as teaching content area concepts in relation to developmentally appropriate foundational skills for learning.
            1. This approach connects to The Calla Model and academic language in several ways. One of the main objectives of The Calla Model is to teach content. Academic language is successfully mastered when it is incorporated into core content areas of instruction.
              1. Teachers can apply this approach by selecting subjects that relate to grade-appropriate content standards. This approach also allows for teachers and students to apply learning strategies. Teachers can also apply the content objective to other subject areas. This cross-curriculum technique allows students to make connections between subjects.
              2. Integrating Academic Language
                1. Academic language is described as language that students need to know for success in learning. Academic language should be taught and mastered in all four areas of literacy domains. These domains include reading, speaking, listening, and writing.
                  1. Academic language connects to The Calla Model and content-based instruction because it is integrated into both approaches. Without the academic language integration, these approaches would be unsuccessful in mastering student learning. Academic language also requires modeling and scaffolding in order for students to have a better understanding of what the words in content mean.
                    1. Academic language is applied inside the classroom when teachers offer students with many strategies that promote student success. Teacher modeling and scaffolding of a new word helps students see how that word is used in different areas of content. Students can incorporate academic language into their everyday social language. Using sentence frames also allows for students to apply new academic language with words that may already be familiar to them.
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