Costa Rica

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Costa Rica
1 Costa Rica is near central America. Close to the Caribbean sea. Just North of the equator. Also near to the USA
2 Biodiversity - mountains, volcanoes, beaches and rainforest
3 Activities include: guided tours, tours by local community members, night walking, planting trees, surfing lessons, local medicine tour and waterfall walks
4 Benefits of ecotourism
4.1 Social
4.1.1 Publicity helps spread global awareness on environmental aspects and cultural aspects
4.1.2 Protects homes and culture of indigenous people
4.1.3 75% of all licensed tour agencies are owned by Costa Rica
4.2 Economic
4.2.1 Boosted economic development
4.2.2 Money will go back into the community
4.2.3 In 2001 tourism revenues totalled 1.1 billion
4.2.4 Transfer of income from rich to poor countries
4.3 Environmental
4.3.1 Endangered habitats and biodiversity will be conserved
4.3.2 No pollution - uses renewable energy
4.3.3 Provides jobs for local people once employed
4.3.4 Conservation initiatives have expanded to include 70 protected areas
5 Issues challenges of ecotourism
5.1 Unrestricted development of sensitive areas - specifically on the Pacific coastline
5.2 Farmers sell land privately to developers for large sums of money
5.3 Growth in tourism means increasing amounts of litter and waste are a problem
5.4 Vehicles carrying tourists add to pollution in sensitive areas
5.5 Unrestricted building ruins landscape and adds to visual pollution
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