The Desk Tidy Project

James Roberts
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James Roberts
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desk tidy

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The Desk Tidy Project
1 Aesethics
1.1 Looks nice
1.2 Tidy
1.3 Vibrant colours
2 Cost
2.1 Our desk tidies will cost approximately 5 pounds
3 Consumer
3.1 Me
3.2 Member of my family
3.3 Friend
4 Environment
4.1 Tables
4.1.1 desk
4.2 Workplace
4.2.1 Office
4.2.2 Study
5 Sustainability
5.1 I will oil the wood to protect it, so it will hopefully last longer
5.2 I will make it so that it can last a long time
6 Funtion
6.1 To hold stationery items
6.2 Small, portable item used to organize
7 Manufacturing
7.1 I might use a model
7.2 I will sketch a number of design ideas
8 Safety
8.1 Smooth edges
8.2 No rough sides
9 Materials
9.1 Woods
9.1.1 Softwood Spruce Yellow Cedar Parana Pine
9.1.2 Hardwood Oak Elm Beech Ash
9.1.3 Man-made woods MDF Plywood
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