Present tenses

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Introduction to tenses

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Present tenses
1 Present simple: permanent
1.1 routines
1.1.1 do/does, She works in an office; Does she work in an office?; She does not work in an office
1.2 habits
1.3 natural laws and scientific facts
1.4 timetable
2 Present continuous: temporary
2.1 actions at the moment of speaking
2.2 actions around the moment of speaking
2.3 future arrangements
2.3.1 to be + "ing" She is working in an office; Is she working in an office?; She is not working in an office
3 Present perfect: no past time reference
3.1 past events influencing our present
3.1.1 have/has + 3rd form verb She has worked in an office; has she worked in an office?; She has not worked in an office
3.2 always a connection with "now"
3.2.1 recently, in the last few days, so far, since breakfast, today, this morning, this evening
3.3 events with present effects
4 Present perfect continuous
4.1 activity that has recently stopped
4.1.1 have/has been + "ing"
4.2 activity that has just stopped
4.3 Have you been running?; He's been working very hard; It has been working for two hours
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