Feasibility study

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Created by 08murray.s almost 6 years ago
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Feasibility study
1 Technical
1.1 Can software / hardware be used to implement the solution
1.2 In astrology program: Possible to calculate age, and when starsigns are
2 Legal
2.1 Can you solve the problem within the bounds of the law
3 Social
3.1 is the effect on humans allowed / enviromentally safe
4 Time
4.1 Can the program be made in the time scale set
4.2 Astrology project: 2 weeks
5 Economic
5.1 Can the program be made in the budget set / economic to run
6 Customer effect
6.1 Will the customer be impressed by it?
7 Cost benefits
7.1 Will solution improve efficiency?
7.1.1 If no.. is it worth building?
8 Skill level required
8.1 Has the work force enough skill to use the solution

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