What's the Connection? ESL Approaches and Methods

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This digital tool provides descriptions and connections between the ESL methods and approaches.

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What's the Connection? ESL Approaches and Methods
1 Communicative Approach
1.1 This is described as a student-centered approach that relies on comprehensible input from the learner. The emphasis of this is the development of language through communication.
1.2 This approach is connected to the Integrated Content-Based Instruction and Sheltered Instruction Methods. This is due to the focus on content in language and heavy use of scaffolded instruction needed.
1.3 This approach is applied when using scaffolded techniques to teach communicative skills related to subject and grade-appropriate material. Teachers also need to apply several opportunities for students to explore new learning strategies.
2 Cognitive Approach
2.1 This is described as a student-centered approach that relies on learning strategies that are suitable for each individual learner.
2.2 This approach connects to the other approaches and methods because it builds higher order thinking skills and provides differentiated instruction. It connects to The Calla Method because explicit instruction enhances cognitive development.
2.3 This approach is applied through explicit instruction. Teachers need to model and scaffold the learning strategies that are used for cognitive development of the learner.
3 Grammatical Approach
3.1 This is a teacher-centered approach that focuses on the mechanics and rules of the desired targeted language being learned.
3.2 This approach is connected to a direct method of instruction since it is teacher-centered. However, this approach does not share the same styles of learning as does The Calla, Content-Based, and Sheltered-Instruction Methods.
3.3 This approach is applied through direct instruction from the teacher. The teacher also puts emphasis on drills, grammar correction, and repetitive practice.
4 The Calla Method
4.1 This is described as an instructional model for EL students that integrates content subjects, academic language, and explicit instruction.
4.2 This method connects to The Cognitive Approach because it revolves around developmentally appropriate language instruction. Explicit instruction is also used to enhance social and cognitive learning strategies.
4.3 This method is applied through teacher scaffolding. Teachers must prepare, present, practice, evaluate, and extend student knowledge in order to create a successful learning environment.
5 Sheltered Method of Instruction
5.1 This is described as a method that gives EL learners opportunities for the development of language proficiency through content knowledge and academic skills that offer grade-appropriate content and strategies.
5.2 This method connects to The Communicative Approach because it relies heavily on learning strategies that give students ample opportunities for communication with peers and time to self-assess their discoveries.
5.3 This method is applied when teachers model and scaffold the learning outcome, before allowing the lesson to become student-centered. This method applies when students use communication skills and have several visual and cooperative learning opportunities to build academic language and higher order thinking skills.
6 Content-Based Method
6.1 This is described as a student-centered method that focuses on teaching academic language and improving language proficiency through developmentally appropriate content.
6.2 This method connects to The Communicative Approach. This is due to the heavy emphasis on content and language integration. This method is also student-centered to allow students with many strategies for communication.
6.3 This method is applied when teachers set up an environment that allows for student interaction and opportunities for peer communication. The teacher may also use guided inquiry to teach content-based material. The material taught needs to be rich in academic vocabulary.
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