Present perfect vs present perfect continuous

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pp vs ppc

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Present perfect vs present perfect continuous
1 She has been painting the ceiling.
1.1 We are interested in the activity. It doesn't matter whether something has been finished.
2 She has painted the ceiling.
2.1 It's important that something has been finished. We're interested in the result.
2.1.1 She has visited 3 continents.
3 You smell of alcohol. Have you been drinking?
3.1 The action has been continuing util now, so that there are visible effects
3.1.1 I've been working hard and now I'm tired. The ground is wet, it has been raining
4 Have you ever drank red gin? Mary has written ten emails today.
4.1 We use the simple to ask or say: how much, how many, how many times?
4.1.1 How many pages of the book have you read? They've played tennis 3 times this week
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