SAB9#74 y 89_Quality_Process I & II

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Mind Map on SAB9#74 y 89_Quality_Process I & II, created by Salvador Rueda on 03/03/2016.

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SAB9#74 y 89_Quality_Process I & II
  1. Quality is defined as the degree to which the project fulfills requirements
    1. Quality Management Process
      1. Planning
        1. Plan Quality Management
          1. Determine Quality standards, process, and metrics
            1. Create process improvement plan
              1. Determine all roles and responsibilities
              2. Executing
                1. Perform Quality Assurance
                  1. Request changes
                    1. Continuously improve
                      1. Follow processes
                        1. Perform quality audits
                        2. Monitoring and controlling
                          1. Control Quality
                            1. Take action to control de project
                              1. Measure performance against other metrics in the PM plan
                                1. Analyse and evaluate performance
                                  1. Influencethe factors that cause changes
                                    1. Perform quality control
                                  2. Includes creating and following policies and procedures to ensure that a project meets the defined needs it was intented to meet from the costumer´s perspective
                                  3. The PM should recommend improvements to the performing organization´s standards, policies and process.
                                    1. It should be considered whenever there is a change to any of the project constraints.
                                      1. It should be cheked before an activity or work package is completed
                                        1. The PM must spend time trying to improve quality
                                          1. The PM must determine metrics to be used to measure quality before the project work begins
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