Broken Glass Themes

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Broken Glass Themes
1 Marriage
1.1 Sylvia and Phillip
1.2 Hymen and Margaret
1.3 Harriet
2 Anti-semitism
2.1 Kristallnacht
2.2 WW2 background
2.3 Gellburg's own attitude
2.4 Case and Gellburg relationship
2.5 Paralysis of Sylvia
2.6 News reports
3 Conflict
3.1 Male Rivalry
3.2 Conflict in marriage/domestic violence
3.3 Cultural conflict
3.4 Religious conflict
3.5 Gender conflict
3.6 Conflict in workplace
4 Identity
4.1 Cultural identity
4.2 Personal identity
4.3 Status/social hierarchy
5 Sexual realtionships
5.1 Hyman and his philandering
5.2 Impotence/emasculation of Gellburg
5.3 Margaret and Hymen
5.4 Sylvia and Hymen
5.5 Sylvia's own sense of sexuality
5.6 Male attitude to sex
6 Violence
6.1 Domestic violence
6.1.1 Political violence
6.2 Racial vioence
6.3 Psychological violence

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