London - William Blake

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Mind map of poem London by William Blake

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London - William Blake
1 Vocabulary
1.1 Chartered - plotted or mapped, unemotional scientific process
1.2 Woe - sadness
1.3 Manacles - leg irons
1.4 Appalls - rejections, Church is not helping people
1.5 Hapless - abandoned
1.6 Harlot - prostitute
1.7 Blights - overshadows
2 Poetic techniques
2.1 ABAB rhyme scheme - regular pattern, suggests link between 2 disjointed sections of soeciety
2.2 Metaphor
2.3 Regular rhythm - 8 beats, a measured view, not ranting, only facts
2.4 Repetition
2.5 Oxymoron - marriage hearse
3 Poet and Background
3.1 Blake had lost his religion as the Church would not help suffering children - inequality
3.2 Frequent themes - poverty & homelessness
3.3 French Revolution
3.4 Industrial Revolution
3.5 Blake was horrified at what was happening to 'his' London
3.6 Conflict - Industrial Revolution, there is power and status but underneath there is poverty and despair
4 Ideas and Imagery
4.1 On the surface London is pleasant. calm etc
4.2 Every man etc. - they all have a terrible life
4.3 Mind-forged manacles - freedom of thought taken away, no opinions
4.4 Ban - imposed by those in power, restricting the poor
4.5 Black'ning Church - the Church is pure, not helping people
4.6 Harlot's curse - symbolic of her life she is cursed, not choice but to suffer
4.7 Blood down palace walls - a stain on the institution, reference the French Revolution
4.8 Marriage hearse - prostitutes passed on STIs which 'plagued' (ruined) marriage
4.9 Chimney sweep - represents child labour
4.10 People in the city are not benefiting from the Industrial Revolution
4.11 London is built on child labour and the poverty of workers
4.12 Is this a vision of London today?
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