London - William Blake


Mind map of poem London by William Blake
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London - William Blake
  1. Vocabulary
    1. Chartered - plotted or mapped, unemotional scientific process
      1. Woe - sadness
        1. Manacles - leg irons
          1. Appalls - rejections, Church is not helping people
            1. Hapless - abandoned
              1. Harlot - prostitute
                1. Blights - overshadows
                2. Poetic techniques
                  1. ABAB rhyme scheme - regular pattern, suggests link between 2 disjointed sections of soeciety
                    1. Metaphor
                      1. Regular rhythm - 8 beats, a measured view, not ranting, only facts
                        1. Repetition
                          1. Oxymoron - marriage hearse
                          2. Poet and Background
                            1. Blake had lost his religion as the Church would not help suffering children - inequality
                              1. Frequent themes - poverty & homelessness
                                1. French Revolution
                                  1. Industrial Revolution
                                    1. Blake was horrified at what was happening to 'his' London
                                      1. Conflict - Industrial Revolution, there is power and status but underneath there is poverty and despair
                                      2. Ideas and Imagery
                                        1. On the surface London is pleasant. calm etc
                                          1. Every man etc. - they all have a terrible life
                                            1. Mind-forged manacles - freedom of thought taken away, no opinions
                                              1. Ban - imposed by those in power, restricting the poor
                                                1. Black'ning Church - the Church is pure, not helping people
                                                  1. Harlot's curse - symbolic of her life she is cursed, not choice but to suffer
                                                    1. Blood down palace walls - a stain on the institution, reference the French Revolution
                                                      1. Marriage hearse - prostitutes passed on STIs which 'plagued' (ruined) marriage
                                                        1. Chimney sweep - represents child labour
                                                          1. People in the city are not benefiting from the Industrial Revolution
                                                            1. London is built on child labour and the poverty of workers
                                                              1. Is this a vision of London today?
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