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Mind Map on SAB9#103_Manage_Project_Team, created by Roberto Vargas Prado on 03/05/2016.

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1 Project staff assignments
2 Human Resource Management plan
3 Issue Log
4 Team performance assessments
5 Work performance reports
6 Conflict management
6.1 is one of the most important tools in Manage Project Team, because it’s where you resolve conflicts between people.
7 Project performance appraisals
7.1 Means looking at each person’s work and assessing his or her performance
8 Interpersonal skills
8.1 Are all about helping the people on your team to solve problems
9 Observation and conversation
9.1 Are how you communicate to manage your team
10 Change requests
10.1 Happen when you do Control Communications. What do you do if you find out that your forecasts have your project coming in too late or over budget? You put the change request in as soon as possible. And if you need the project to change course, you’ll need to recommend corrective actions to the team.
11 Updates to enterprise environmental factors
12 Project documents updates
12.1 Could mean updates to performance reports, issue logs, or forecasts.
13 Updates to the organizational process assets
13.1 Need to be added—especially your lessons learned. There are always a lot of lessons to be learned when you’re gathering this kind of project information.
14 Updates to the Project Management plan
14.1 Need to be done to make sure your plan reflects your project’s current status.
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