Compass and Torch Relationships

Kajal Patel
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GCSE English Literature (Compass and Torch) Mind Map on Compass and Torch Relationships, created by Kajal Patel on 01/10/2014.

Kajal Patel
Created by Kajal Patel almost 6 years ago
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Compass and Torch Relationships
1 Son and Mother
1.1 Fading and sorrow
1.1.1 "the light seeping through her fuzzy hair made the bones of her shoulder ache" imagery makes it appear as if she is fading hinting that she is going away that makes it 'ache' so it is painful for him to separate from mom 'fuzzy hair' shows she is messed up and unsual links to the idea that she is disorderly and disorientated connects to the title of 'compass and torch' where compass signifies finding ways she is disorientated meaning she does not know which way to go his insecurity about relationship causes 'ache'
1.2 Protective
1.2.1 "nestled shiny car" the writer always sees past as protective things that he is leaving behind link to the protection of the mom 'nestled' gives a sense of protection and homeliness like that of a nest writer wants reader to think and relate the idea of son being like a little chick which is always safely snuggled in the warmth of its mother. car acts like a roof outside trying to illustrate the sheltered and protective life that he has lived but then he 'neither looked back ' to the car meaning he wants to get out of the protection into the outer world. symbolises his relationships as a protected child might end
1.3 Unwanted
1.3.1 " known the sort of thing his mother would be saying, and wanted badly to get back down there and make her stop. " he is sued to listening to his mom's complains and is tired of it thinks she is a mere complaining woman partly right because such a behaviour of mom in front of kid is not mature wants her to be responsible and mature like a mom wants a normal relationship
1.4 Fear of Loss
1.4.1 "'You wouldn't expect him to start now, would you - accommodating his child into his life?" asking questions to act dominant and have more control over the child yet use of question tag 'would you?' shows her hidden fear wants to show how important her son is to her and beseeching sympathy the use of 'his' shows the separation that the son could be either his or her her fear that he will be able to make him 'his' and take him into 'his life'
1.5 Influential
1.5.1 her eyes were bulging and wobbly with tears, and he thought he couldn't bear this" didn't want him to go 'afterall'
1.5.2 "he saw her start with alarm and shame" she is very careful about the way she behaves in front of her 'alarm' and 'shame' shows that perhaps she did not want to say this in front of him fears that he may start hating him for the rudeness and go away with the father
2 Son and Father
2.1 Stereotypical
2.1.1 "forcing himself to acknowledge Jim's kindness and affirmation. But Jim is not his dad." tries to reason why Jim is 'not his Dad' reveals his wish that dad should be 'strong' and able to 'judge correctly' like in the start trying to feel what 'essence of Dadness' is and what he wants his dad to be like
2.1.2 "But they don't need a compass after all. They are adventurers, after all" 'boys and dads tend' to have compass points to normal relationship knowing direction But they don't have a compass meaning they are going to have unique relationship as they will find their own way as 'adventurers'
2.2 Tensed and flustered
2.2.1 "The boy's eyes are suddenly wide with fear and dismay: not with the notion that they'll get lost, but because of the way the man's shoulders slumped and the tent in his hand dropped back onto the boot floor." tensed about what will happen next whether they will get on together clear that struggle of one gain immediate reaction from the other 'man's shoulder dumped' and the 'tent dropped' making if feel like he has given up the boy in instantly in 'fear' and 'dismay' afraid that it might just stop shows how much conscious they are in order to not break it
2.3 Starving
2.3.1 "he could only half-listen to the child's earnest desperate voice. " he is 'desperate' to listen to his child who is 'desperate' to share pain he knows his voice and demand for dad is 'earnest' and true but can 'only half listen' meaning he could physical hear it but not hear the inner voice that is revealing the feelings and can't understand him
2.4 UnSettled
2.4.1 "The boy is gratified by his speed but unsettled by his subtle nervy hurry." 'subtle' weak 'gratified' restless dad wants this experience to be over and done with distances himself boy notices this which makes him 'gratified' 'hurry' shows he is 'subtle' meaning weak to face situation fear he will go away and leave the relation incomplete because he can't stand it
2.5 Supportive
2.5.1 "Two torches are for father and son to back each other up." torch is of finding the way back up means that if one does not work then can be used symbolically means that if one fails to find way the other can support and show how to get to it
3 Mother and Father
3.1 Dismissive
3.1.1 "No hope of him trying to RELATE to him! " pessimistic that she has given up use of 'him' shows lack of possession particular use of his shows separation that the son could be either 'his' or 'her' trying to stop him from getting involved to make son feel he 'relates' to dad and want to reunite
3.2 Caring
3.2.1 "There was a choke in her voice now, and suddenly a kind of snarl" though trying to become dominant 'low' and 'light' voice shows her deep love weakness in a time when she should be harsh and tauting she still cares about him and so does not want to hurt him 'snarl' picturised as if she is growling with bared teeth as if getting her anger out on him her memories and pain from past 'choke' her voice as she is struggling with emotions but she does not want her emotions to weaken her hence tries to overcome it with a 'snarl' and threaten him that she is not weak
3.3 Tactic
3.3.1 "Well what do you expect of him?" intending to say something with a hidden message actually trying to say that after how he has left them for the last four months and ruined their lives, he should not 'expect' a good relationship feels he does not deserve the love and affection anymore
3.4 Sacrifice
3.4.1 dad has very few dialogues as if realised his mistake and does not want to complicate not speaking much as does not want to hurt them again by saying something harsh he wants the relationship but sacrificing it just for the wish of mom
3.5 Damaged
3.5.1 'pale' refers to their relationship being dull with no excitement or enthusiasm
3.5.2 'evening refers to the end of the day where both od them have had all their experiences
3.5.3 'bleached and bruised' give the sense of damage and hurt
3.5.4 'age old' past of their broken relationship has left behind 'spills' of memories that have 'stained' their lives. indicates that the painful memories of separation are still freshly embedded in their heart
4 Boy and Jim
4.1 relationship which fulfils absence of father
4.1.1 that is why trying to 'solve' all his problems meant to give him the affirmation and kindness that every child wishes
4.2 boy has got used to his dadness
4.2.1 that is why he is always comparing him with JIm "hasn't studied or handled it like Jim"
4.3 but failed to accept as dad
4.3.1 he is called Jim; no place in the family
4.3.2 he doesn't want Jim to be his dad apparent from the way he 'forced himself' to put the torch in Jim's hands because he wanted dad to do that and no Jim to impress mom by acting to be a god dad
4.4 Concludes 'Jim is not his dad'
4.4.1 because he is not 'strong' and judge correctly' as a dad should
4.5 perhaps he regrets he is 'not' his dad
4.5.1 based on what kind of tone the reader imagine the character to speak with if imagined slow and disappointed it will be as if he is consolidating himself
5 Father and Jim
5.1 Subordinate
5.1.1 'brittle, jovial way lack of confidence and weak from inside foreshadows Jim will win
5.2 Competitive
5.2.1 dad has more dadly and manly approach opening description of being 'strong' and 'judged correctly'
5.2.2 Jim has more emotional support 'kindness', 'affirmation' and care like what child wants
5.3 Resentful
5.3.1 "shifting at the kitchen table with an unhappy kind of rustle" 'shifting' shows restlessness perhaps does not like dad's presence
5.3.2 'unhappy rustle' low whispering sound filling mom's ears and causing conflicts
5.4 Understandable
5.4.1 "the way Jim dropped his eyes when he'd said Hi back" dropping eyes because he feels subordinate understands dad has more right over the family than him understands what dad might be feeling so doe snot want to worsen it by saying something
5.4.2 maybe personal gain in remaining silence as mom would not take him to be in the wrong position
5.5 Normal
5.5.1 does not say much or bitter about Jim maybe feels family is happy with Jim does not want to spoil their peace of mind that he could not give

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