Energy in China

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Energy in China
1 How have they historically met their demand?
1.1 Until the 1990s China was an exporter of oil but is now a significant importer
1.1.1 In 2009 China produced 3.8 million barrels daily but, contrastingly, the country consumed 8.6 barrels daily
1.2 With China's rapidly expanding economy in the 1980s-1990s they became heavily reliant on coal
1.2.1 Coal is the dirtiest fossil fuel and according to Greenpeace 80% of China's CO2 emissions came from burning coal
1.2.2 Resulted to high casualty rate among coal miners-coal accidents reached nearly 7,000 in 2002 and many are illegally ran mines Transportation required-50% via rail
2 How and why is demand changing?
2.1 Due to China's industrial expansion, they overtook the US in 2010 in total energy usage after the US held the top position for over a century
2.1.1 Only a decade before, China's energy consumption was half that of the US
3 Where are they going to get their supply from in the future?
3.1 2006-plan published to restructure China's coal sector and reduce fragmentation in the industry-aim to close all small mines by 2015
3.2 Priority has been given to build up the national oil reserve
3.3 Building up a petroleum reserve
3.4 China's energy pathways have increased significantly providing security
3.5 Largest manufacturer of solar PVs
4 What are the global consequences?
4.1 China aims to have a more diverse resources -multi energy solution (15% non fossil fuels by 2020)
4.1.1 Less environmental impact e.g. an experimental facility near Beijing has recently been built to remove CO2 from power station emissions and use it for carbonating beverages & there are possible locations to capture and store CO2
4.1.2 China will take a leading role in the green energy manufacturing business
4.2 Lessen the reliance on oversea supplies
5 "The fact that China overtook the US as the world's largest energy consumer symbolises the start of a new age in the history of energy"-Faith Birol, 2010
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