Primary headaches

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Classification of headache disorders
Primary headaches
1 tension-type headache
1.1 features
1.1.1 symmetrical
1.1.2 onset gradual
1.1.3 description tightness a band pressure
2 migraine w/o aura
2.1 accounts for 90%
2.2 episodes may last 1-72h
2.3 often bilateral
2.3.1 but may be unilat
2.4 site
2.4.1 temporal or frontal area
2.5 assoc sx
2.5.1 unpleasant GI disturbance nausea vomiting abdominal pain photophobia phonophobia
2.6 exacerbating factors
2.6.1 physical activity
3 migraine w/ aura
3.1 10% of migraine
3.2 headache preceded by an aura
3.2.1 visual commonest aura -ve phenomena hemianopia loss of half the visual field scotoma small areas of visual loss +ve phenomena e.g. fortification spectra seeing zigzag lines
3.2.2 sensory
3.2.3 motor
3.3 features
3.3.1 absence of probs btw episodes
3.3.2 freq presence of premonitory sx tiredness difficulty concentrating autonomic features
3.3.3 duration few hours spent lying down in a quiet, dark place
3.3.4 relieving features sleep
3.4 unilat sensory or motor sx
3.4.1 rare
4 sx of tension-type headache or a migraine often overlap
4.1 probably part of same pathophysiological continuum
4.1.1 evidence suggests they both come from primary neuronal dysfuncn incl channelopathies w/ vascular phenomena as secondary events
4.1.2 genetic predisposition 1st & 2nd degree relatives often affected
4.1.3 triggers disturbance of biorhythms late nights early rises stress winding down after stress at home or school food cheese chocolate caffeine rarely a trigger in girls menstruation oral contraceptive pill
5 uncommon forms of migraine
5.1 familial
5.1.1 linked to Ca2+ channel defect
5.1.2 dominantly inherited
5.2 sporadic hemiplegic migraine
5.3 basilar-type
5.3.1 vomiting w/ nystagmus and/or cerebellar signs
5.4 periodic syndromes
5.4.1 often precursors of migraine
5.4.2 cyclical vomiting recurrent stereotyped episodes of vomiting intense nausea assoc w/ pallor or nausea
5.4.3 abdominal migraine idiopathic recurrent disorder episodic midline abdo pain bouts lasting 1-72h moderate to severe intensity assoc sx vasomotor sx nausea vomiting child well in btw episodes
5.4.4 benign paroxysmal vertigo of childhood heterogeneous disorder brief episodes of vertigo occur w/o warning resolving spontaneously in otherwise healthy kids btw episodes neuro examn, audiometric & vestibular funcn are normal

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