Nucleic Acids

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Nucleic Acids
1 Transcription
1.1 Unwind gene length
1.1.1 H bonds break Free RNA nucleotides to leading strands complementary base pairings mRNA leaves DNA recoils
2 Translation
2.1 mRNA attaches to ribosome
2.1.1 Triplet code, 3 bases per amino acid Coden on mRNA = 3 bases tRNA brings amino acid, anti-codon base pairs to codon
3 Replication
3.1 Semi conservative
3.1.1 N15 grow organisms Grow in N14 for 1 Take sample and centrifuge Repeat
3.2 Unwind (helicase)
3.2.1 Free DNA nucleotides complementary base pair DNA polymerase sugar phosphate (covalent phosphodiester) - condensation reaction
4 Subunit for DNA and RNA
4.1 DNA
4.1.1 Double helix
4.1.2 Deoxyribose sugars
4.1.3 Sugar-phosphate backbone
4.1.4 Nitrogenous bases Purines Adenine Guanine Pyrimidines Thymine Cytosine
4.1.5 Antiparallel strands
4.1.6 Hydrogen bonding
4.1.7 Complimentary base A=T C=G
4.2 RNA
4.2.1 Single strand
4.2.2 Ribose sugar
4.2.3 Uracil replaces thymine
4.2.4 Less stable
4.2.5 Usually found in cytoplasm
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