Science Mind Map: Mechanical Systems

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sarah rane
Created by sarah rane almost 6 years ago
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Science Mind Map: Mechanical Systems
1 1st Class Lever
1.1 The fulcrum is between the input and output force, output force is always opposite of input force
1.1.1 Input force is the force applied to a machine
1.1.2 Output force is the force that the machine applies
1.2 Examples are See-Saws or plyers that remove lids from cans
2 2nd Class Lever
2.1 The input and output forces are in same direction but the output force is between the fulcrum and input force
2.1.1 A fulcrum is the point on the lever that supports it A lever is a rigid bar that is supported at one point
2.2 Example is a bottle opener
3 3rd Class Lever
3.1 Input and output forces are in same direction but the input force is between the fulcrum and output force
3.2 Examples are swinging a baseball bat or a rake
4 Force
4.1 Force is a push or pull that acts on an object
4.2 Two types of force which are Contact forces and Action-at-a-distance force
4.2.1 Action-at-a-distance forces can push or pull an object without touching it, most common is gravity Gravity is the attraction between two objects due to their mass
5 Machines
5.1 Machines are any mechanical system that reduces the amount of force required to accomplish work
5.1.1 Two types of machines: Complex and Simple Complex Machines are machines that are made up of more than two or more machines Examples are bicycles and scissors Simple machines are any of the basic mechanical devices that apply forces Examples are pulleys, which conveys more distance in a short time or wheel and axles, which reduce force by moving heavier objects faster and quickly
5.1.2 Work is the amount of effort spent when a force causes an object to move a distance Energy is defines as the ability to do work Types of energy is kinetic energy and potential energy Kinetic energy is when an object moves Potential energy is energy stored in an object

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