Andreas Vesalius

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Created by hollyweber almost 6 years ago
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Andreas Vesalius
1 Specialty: Anotomy
2 Book: Fabric of the human body
3 Situation before
3.1 Galen= supreme
3.2 No one dared to disagree with Galen
3.3 Little dissection of human bodies
4 Situation after
4.1 Proved many of Galen's ideas wrong
4.2 People saw the importance of dissection
4.3 Taught people to think for selves and question long established ideas
5 Discoveries
5.1 Lower jaw has only one bone
5.2 Dog's womb different to humans
5.3 Kidneys same height
5.4 Made 200 corrections to Galen's Book(s)
5.5 Skull only one bone
6 Born in Belgium
7 One of the first people to dissect human bodies

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