Core 2 Chapter 1

Thomas Marshall
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A Mindmap on all you need to know for Maths core 2 chapter 1

Thomas Marshall
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Core 2 Chapter 1
1 This is called the factor theorem. This is used when you want to know if a number will be a factor of a quadratic equation or one with any power of x in it.
1.1 Do it by substituting the number in but by changing the sign in front of it ie if you want to check for 5 put in -5
1.1.1 If it =o then it is a factor if not then it is not a factor. This method can also be used to find the remainder. The number at the end is the remainder.
2 The other thing is how to divide an equation by an (x-2) or other number
2.1 Start by drawing a table
2.1.1 Place the number you are dividing by down the left hand side. Then place the highest power of x in the box to the left of the x number What times by x to make that number place this in the top of the column Then times by the number on the left and the top one What power of x is it and how many should you have? Then work the number out and place this next to your first power of x second row down that is. Continue for all powers of x If a remainder still occurs that will go in the far right column. finish by placing the whole new equation with any remainder in a line. Divide the remainder by what you divided by before. There is an example done look at it to clarify what i mean Example Divide 3x3-8x-9 by (x-2)