Big bad wolves?

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big bad wolves

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Big bad wolves?
  1. Wildlife officials say wolves are no longer endangered, but not everyone agrees.
    1. Government officials can not establish a specific answer if gray wolves should be protected or married
      1. Hunters and ranchers killing wolves for sport or protect livestock
        1. In 1970, the gray wolf had almost disappeared south of Canada.
          1. In 1974 to help struggling species gray wolves were placed on the list of endangered species
            1. in 1990, it recovered to around 6000 thanks to wildlife officials
              1. Mike Jimenez biologist in the US, call gray wolves reappearance of a great success story
                1. In 2013, gray wolves were removed from the list of endangered species
                  1. Wolf hunting is now legal in most states say it is important to keep cattle and sheep safe from predators
                    1. many conservationists say that wolves still need and argue that the wolf population is still too small and gray wolves should be put back endangered
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