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1 'My name is Kathy H.'
1.1 Opening line
1.1.1 simple structure and content reflects apparent simplicity of Kathy's existence as clone to provide organs (although also carer so) created for purpose lack of identity part of marginal group
2 'I don't know how it was where you were'
2.1 Addressed to other clones
2.1.1 Expects to be ignored by 'normal' society highlights how clones' existence is ignored by society Criticism of our society We ignore problems in other countries Like separate worlds Blissful and willing ignorance causes crimes against humanity
3 'when you get a chance to choose ... you choose your own kind. That's natural.'
3.1 mirrors human society in book
3.1.1 choose their lives over the clones HOWEVER they are genetically the same as the clones larger criticism of our society ignoring plights in other countries because they're 'not like us' distance ourselves for our own peace of mind blissful ignorance/ apathy Key theme
3.2 Is it natural?
3.2.1 Criticising this mentality
4 'these days, of course, there are fewer and fewer donors left who I remember
4.1 repeated use of 'of course'
4.1.1 unquestionable Institutionalised into believing society cannot change to live unquestioningly of the powers above them Critique of conformity to society generraly believing everything you hear No progress made and injustices are allowed to be made
5 'Donors'
5.1 Euphamistic language
5.1.1 Connotes voluntary In a sense is Never even consider not 'donating' and 'completeing' The way we view dying - can only prolong the inevitable
5.2 'Complete'
6 'Carers'
6.1 Left to look after themselves
6.1.1 As they are slowly killed Become their own jailers Critique of society Agree to social conventions when you DON'T HAVE TO People don't realise and continue to limit themselves because they don't QUESTION Institutionalised Willful ignorance Conformity
7 'Never Let Me Go'
7.1 Title
7.1.1 Theme: INTIMACY Get told this theme from offset
7.2 Line from Kathy's favourite Judy Bridgewater song
7.2.1 1. Kathy's interpretation: about a newborn baby 2. Judy's interpretation: lover About intimacy Pillow-baby/ motherhood Clones sterilised Romantic relationships Tommy and Ruth Kathy and Tommy Referals The Weaselies Friendships Kathy and Ruth Toxic Manipulative Ruth and Tommy Unhealthy Kathy and Tommy Kathy = Over-dependant on Tommy Clingy A little bit unreciprocated Basically did a Ruth Projected own feelings onto Tommy Belittled him Put herself before him Wanted him to be the answer Referrals, would change her life, make her something special etc. Didn't Disappointment at own normality Link to mortality Beiieving we're invncible / special What's the point when we realise we are not? Kathy, Ruth and Tommy Hailsham friends Childhood/ past Hailsham Innocence Impossible to hold onto Futile to try Atmospheres Sadness Longing Futility of human existance
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