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estudios de la sociología y sus enfoques junto pensadores como Marx, este mapa mental se realiza con la intensión de sintetizar los enfoques que ha tenido el estudio del comportamiento humano y su cultura.

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  1. Objectives which we use in the language to the communication in an informal and formal way. It use the involve grammatical structures and functions .
    1. allow to the humans being to create a variety of cultural identities. With the English speakers study this language from a structural perspective
      1. problems
        1. Children must have social and cognitive development, if the language of the functions they do not recognize in the development of children that it would It is probably difficult to acquire a new language.
          1. How to relate to others (social development (, as well how her or she thinks about something (cognitive development) this is for learning analyzing her communication.
    2. Semantic Relationships.
      1. Represents concepts and ideas that are lexical
        1. Preoperational cognition
          1. This process implements cognitive development and learning of semantics structures
          2. Social Intentions.
            1. The significant relationships that are established with their own environment
              1. Greetings
                1. Rejection
                  1. Denying
                    1. Existing
                      1. Requesting
                  2. Expanded Language Functions
                    1. This beings when the child develops the sensory and cognitive process of language.
                      1. Flexibilty
                        1. Option for solve problems
                        2. Semanticity
                          1. Interpretation of meaning.
                          2. Redundancy
                            1. Increase word in the system that allow you to have a broader and more concrete meaning.
                            2. Productivity
                              1. Ability for learning and understand the words and meanings.
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