GRE Test - Overview

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An overview of each section of the GRE Test. Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing. For more great insights on GRE and exam prep head on over to

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GRE Test - Overview
1 Verbal Reasoning
1.1 Sentence Equivalence
1.2 Text Completion
1.3 Reading comprehension
2 Quantitative Reasoning
2.1 Quantitative Comparisons
2.2 Problem Solving
2.3 Numeric Entry
3 Analytical Writing
3.1 Issue Essay
3.1.1 Duration: 30 Minutes
3.2 Argument Essay
3.2.1 Duration: 30 Minutes
4 Subject Tests
4.1 Biochemistry
4.1.1 Cell and Molecular Biology Biology Chemistry Literature in English Mathematics Physics Psychology

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