The Castle - Edwin Muir

Heather Taylor
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Heather Taylor
Created by Heather Taylor over 5 years ago
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The Castle - Edwin Muir
1 uses a fable to make a point
1.1 betrayal is often secret and subtle
1.1.1 Army is only strong if it's men can't be bribed idea of corruption
2 reader lured into sympathising with the speaker
2.1 brave, committed
2.1.1 shame at being betrayed
2.2 confident army betrayed for money
3 when conflict is dealt with using military means, everyday morals are set aside
4 speakers inability to see that armed confrontation breeds betrayal
4.1 every man for himself?
5 style
5.1 simple yet vivid
6 Muir had lived in Prague, Dresden, Italy..
6.1 politically aware of the rise of fascism
7 Enemy seems to pose no threat
7.1 defenders of the castle become complacent, castle is lost.
7.1.1 Final stanza reflects on why this happened
8 Allegorical Poem; narrative
9 Sudden alliteration at point of betrayal
9.1 "A little wicked wicket gate/the wizened warder let them through"
9.1.1 Invokes crisis - speaker has been confident so far
10 Repetition establishes strength of citadel
10.1 "tier on tier"
11 Contrast
11.1 "towering battlements" vs "grew thin"
12 Rhyme scheme enhances story telling nature of the poem

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