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Quotations and evaluations from Childhood by Edwin Muir.

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"Long time he lay" "L" sound is gentle and lulling. "Long"- no sense of time as the boy is so young and carefree.
"Securely bound" He is protected by his parents, however this is limiting his perceptions of the world as he can't stray far.
"Silent, changing sound was still." Sibilance creates a whispering, soft sound. Suggests harmony and peace in the child's life. Still= no movement or disturbance.
"Massed islands" The boy sees them as one, suggesting unity. He finds it comforting as they are there to protect him, acting as a barrier to the dangers of the unfamiliar world.
"And though all ran together in his view, he knew that unseen straights between them lay." Again suggesting unity and harmony however the child acknowledges that there is something more out there unknown. He has a childlike curiosity about what the outside world is like.
"New shores" Sinister, suggests something unknown and unfamiliar. The boy still thinks the outside is like his world, all shores and islands. Shows his innocent ignorance.
"A ship so slow" The ship is a symbol of the sinister adult world, approaching the boy's childhood. However it doesn't directly impact him as he is watching from a distance. Dissonance slows down the pace of the line and creates a change in mood.
"Black hill's gloom" Seems threatening and menacing. Black has connotations of dark and evil.
"Tiny grey rocks slept" The world is at peace again, even the rocks are tranquil and relaxed.
"And from the house his mother called his name." Links back to the first stanza's reference to his father. The poem is enclosed by mother and father, protecting the boy. Gives a sense of belonging.
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