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2nd Year Narrative Structures (Post-modernism) Mind Map on Post-modernism, created by Jade Jannotti on 01/16/2014.

Jade Jannotti
Created by Jade Jannotti almost 6 years ago
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1 emerged 1960-80s
2 style & content are important
3 Postmodernity = historical phase of late capitalism and globalisation
4 Postmodernism = styles, modes of representation and critical thinking
5 rejects fixed representation of reading
6 requires intertextual knowledge
6.1 different meaning for different people at different times
7 Characteristics
7.1 hyperconsciousness - aware of text's cultural status, function, history
7.2 anything can be art
7.2.1 no longer anything new to produce/distribute
8 Styles, signs and images
8.1 eclecticism - customising existing signs
8.2 parody - borrow style, tehcnique
8.3 pastiche - mixing styles
8.4 bricolage - putting together views
8.5 intertextuality - using other texts in 'new' one
8.6 collecticism - drawing from different styles
8.7 hyper reality: technology created realities are better than actual reality
8.8 Simulacrum (Baudrillard): the copy of a copy
9 Post-modern identity
9.1 new technology force re-assessment of what it means to be 'human'
9.2 layers of reality
9.2.1 actors play more than one character (real and fake life)
10 distinction between reality and images is blurred
11 media texts challenge reality
11.1 texts/images never reproduce truth
11.1.1 competing versions of truth/reality
12 X Factor: scripted reality, simulation of reality
13 Derrida ()
13.1 texts incapable of conveying objective truth

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