Political Parties

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Political Parties
1 Functions
1.1 Selecting political leaders
1.2 Making policy & programmes
1.3 Reinforcing consent
1.4 Political education to the people
1.5 Organisation of parliamentary procedure
1.6 Selecting candidates
1.7 Representing national interest
2 Features
2.1 Being organised
2.2 Seek government office
2.3 Put candidates up for election
2.4 Develop policies etc
2.5 Train & recruit leaders
2.6 Campaign to achieve public support
3 Adversary Polittics
3.1 Deep & widespread ideological differences between the mainstream parties
3.2 Where political parties are engaged in considerable conflict over political issues
3.3 e.g in the early 1980's when the Labour party advocated nationalism
4 Consensus Politics
4.1 Noticably little difference between policies of the parties
4.2 Where 2 or more parties broadly agree on most basic policies
4.3 Decision makers seek a wide level of agreement with the political community before proposals
5 Labour Party
5.1 Old Labour
5.1.1 Common class interest
5.1.2 Keep taxes as reasonably low as possible
5.1.3 At one point they did believe in restoration of trade union power
5.1.4 Greater redistribution of income
5.1.5 The vast majority of socialists agree on aspects of equality
5.1.6 We are born with equal rights
5.1.7 Reject the idea of natural order
5.1.8 Equality of opportunity
5.1.9 Social justice
5.1.10 Natural wealth should be redistributed
5.1.11 Support trade union power
5.1.12 Collectivism
5.1.13 Common ownership
5.2 Third Way
5.2.1 Capitalism should be allowed to flourish
5.2.2 Fair trade
5.2.3 Limited role for trade unions
5.2.4 Individual's rights should be protected by law
5.2.5 Welfare benefits should be used as an incentive to work
5.2.6 High quality public services should be preserved
5.2.7 Public sector borrowing is okay if it's for public services
5.2.8 'Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime' Blair 1994
5.2.9 Britain to remain at the centre of the EU
5.2.10 Britain to take a leading role in world affairs
5.2.11 Less radical reforms of the constitution e.g a mild Lord's reform
6 Conservative Party
6.1 Traditional Conservatism
6.1.1 Society is 'hierarchal'
6.1.2 Tradition of inheritance
6.1.3 Emphasise the need for principles of natural law and moral order
6.1.4 Values of rural life are high
6.1.5 Defend classical western civilisation
6.1.6 Patriotism
6.1.7 Reactionary
6.1.8 Nationalism
6.1.9 Reductions of welfare state
6.1.10 Want to privatise NHS
6.1.11 Wants to leave the EU
6.1.12 Don't like wind farming
6.1.13 Don't like trade unions
6.1.14 Enter text here
6.1.15 Order
6.1.16 Pragmatic
6.2 New Right Conservatism
6.2.1 Disengagement - Reluctance to interfere with economy
6.2.2 Deregulation - privatisation of industry
6.2.3 Opposition to trade union power
6.2.4 Low levels of personal taxation
6.2.5 Depndency culture from welfare benefits
6.3 Modern Conservatives
6.3.1 It is society's job to improve conditions of those who are deprived
6.3.2 Claiming benefits will be difficult for those doing nothing to do better for themselves
6.3.3 Tax levels should be at a level to sustain good quality public services
6.3.4 Environmental protection is vital
6.3.5 Balance between tough on causes of crime and a tough approach to serious crime
6.3.6 State has a key role
6.3.7 Education shouldn't single out the more fortunate
6.3.8 Accept HOL needs reforming
7 Liberal Democratic Party
7.1 Industry to be brought under state control
7.2 Capitalism should be controlled by the state
7.3 trade unions should be powerful to protect the workers
7.4 welfare benefits compensate for disadvantaged people
7.5 Welfare state to be protected and be controlled by the state
7.6 Public sector borrowing for the economy
7.7 Distance UK from international affairs
7.8 Democratise institutions
7.9 Concentration on causes of crime
7.10 Anti EU
8 Other Parties
8.1 Scottish National Party
8.2 UK Independence Party
8.3 Green Party
8.4 Plaid Cymru - Welsh Nationalists
8.5 British Nationalist Party

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