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Mind map on evolution

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1 Adaptation
1.1 Beneficial Traits
1.1.1 helps survive longer
1.1.2 helps reproduce successfully
1.1.3 Environment determines
2 Natural Selection
2.1 Species live in particular environments
2.1.1 Competition Always existing Food, water, space, mates show some variation in physical traits
2.2 Change in environment
2.2.1 Biotic Predator/food source Living change
2.2.2 Abiotic Non-living change ex. Climate and pH change
2.3 Individual w/ mutation
2.3.1 survives longer reproduces more
2.4 Generations pass
2.4.1 trait becomes common those w/o trait dies off Species change for the better adaptation throughout
3 Variation
3.1 In DNA
3.1.1 Mutation
3.1.2 Recombination
3.2 All populations show
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