Treaty of Versailles

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GCSE History (Nazi Germany) Mind Map on Treaty of Versailles, created by Tamara Lancaster on 03/22/2016.

Tamara Lancaster
Created by Tamara Lancaster over 3 years ago
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Treaty of Versailles
1 It was one of the peace treaties at the end of WW1. It ended the state of war between Germany and the Allied Powers
2 Many people were shocked at the severity of the Treaty of Versailles
2.1 Most German citizens thought the treaty would be fair and sympathetic. When they all discovered it wasnt fair , there were many protests that broke out against the German government and alot of violent acts also took place across Germany
3 The German Government had no choice but the accept the terms of the treaty
3.1 Refusal wouldve preticipated an Allied occupation of Germany
4 The German people felt the treaty was a ' dictated peace'
4.1 Was made without any opportunity for negotiation
5 Many Germans resented the military terms of the treaty
5.1 They threatened to destroy the countries status . They left Germany vulnerable to attacks for their neighbouring countries
6 Some parts of Germany were occupied by Allied soldiers
6.1 Humiliating for the German people . Germany lost alot of land
7 The territorial terms of the treaty appeared as if they were 'robbing' Germany
7.1 Felt as though they were being robbed of their territory ( they were taking over the Germans land )
8 Germany hated having to accept responsibility for the war ( the war guilt clause )
8.1 They were only defending themselves in the war and because of the Treaty they were being made to accept responsbility ( had to pay alot of money to cover damages )
9 Germany resented having to pay reparations to the allies
9.1 Germany lost 10% of industry and 15% of land - they were already poor and now Allied forces were taking more things off of them .