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The Telegraph
1 By: Jaiden Churchman, Sydney Dawkins, Ana Mathews
2 Inventor(S)
2.1 Sam Morse
2.2 Joseph Henry
2.3 Cluade Chapp
3 Date
3.1 1837
3.2 1835
4 Effects
4.1 General: Helped communications along into things such as the telephone
4.2 Economical: Brought in more Money
4.3 Political: Congress thought it was skeptical
4.4 Social: Helped with communications
5 Background Information
5.1 Sam Morse Stepped in created and advertised the invention of the telegraph
5.2 Joseph Henry came up with the Idea
6 Details on invention
6.1 The telegraph helps communicate between two places instead of using the pony express etc.
6.2 Using Morse Code is an easier way to communicate
6.3 Sends an electric current through a wire to connect to the telegraph machine it's self
7 Essential Questions
7.1 Why was the industrial revolution an appropriate time for the telegraph to be invented?
7.2 How did sam Morse come up with the idea of the telegraph?
7.3 How do you think the electric telegraph influenced american history?
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