Output Devices

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Output Devices
1 Monitor
1.1 A monitor (or screen) is the most commonly used output device. They come in many different shapes, sizes and forms. In an exam question, you will need to be able to choose the best type of monitor and then explain your reasons. monitorThe picture on a monitor is made up of thousands of tiny coloured dots called pixels.
2 Printers
2.1 Printers are another common output device. They are used to create a 'hard' copy of your work i.e. something that you can hold, hand to someone else or file away.
3 Touch Screen
3.1 A touch screen is the only device which works as both an input and an output device. You view the options available to you on the screen (output) and you then use your finger to touch the option that you have chosen (input).
4 Speaker
4.1 Most computers are fitted with a small internal speaker which can produce beeping sounds to alert you if you make an error
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