Classics - Epic and Myth: Option 1 - Homer The Odyssey

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GCSE Classics (Epic & Myth) Mind Map on Classics - Epic and Myth: Option 1 - Homer The Odyssey, created by nickjakcson on 03/24/2016.

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Classics - Epic and Myth: Option 1 - Homer The Odyssey
  1. Odysseus as a hero
    1. The role and characterisation of:
      1. Odysseus
        1. Calypso
          1. Nausicaa
            1. Alcinous
              1. Arete
                1. Polyphemus
                  1. the Cyclopes
                    1. Circe
                      1. Athene
                      2. The presentation of:
                        1. The Sirens
                          1. Scylla
                            1. Charybdis
                            2. The role of the gods
                              1. The role of women
                                1. To include Calypso and Circe as well as the mortal women
                                2. Xenia (the guest–host relationship)
                                  1. Civilisation and barbarism
                                    1. Homer’s narrative and descriptive techniques
                                      1. Homer as a story-teller and the idea of epic.
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