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Spider diagram analysing George Milton's character

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1 The Dream
1.1 'His eyes were full of wonder'
1.1.1 Is fully aware of the life most itinerant workers are destined for, and to maintain the strength to live he has to have hope. Ending is so tragic because he needs Lennie to be different, and to have something more to look forward to than 'blowin'' the fifty bucks at the end of the month. But he gives Lennie a merciful death and ensures himself a depressed future. Euthanasia is the right thing. Steinbeck confirms this through the ideal man: Slim' 'you hadda George. 'He pulled the trigger. The crash of the shot rolled up the hills and rolled down again' Ironic as the statement is so simplistic; echoes how the world doesn't care, and will continue anyway.
2 'Milton'
2.1 Paradise lost
2.1.1 Character destined to be alone. Friendship doomed from the start.
2.1.2 Has to shoot Lennie at the end.
3 'Plays solitaire'
3.1 Solitary
3.1.1 Feels alone, despite Lennie's existence. Doesn't appreciate him enough?
3.2 Still in state of depression (Wall street crash)
4 Friendship
4.1 'I got you an' you got me'
4.2 Different than other men- makes other suspicious (boss, Slim)
4.3 Happier together
4.4 Ripped apart my the other men; prejudice.
4.5 Both Lennie and George have full names, while none of the other characters do; suggests completeness.
4.6 Together they are the perfect man; George is smart and aware, while Lennie is strong.
5 Appreciates the things other men find less important.
5.1 Lennie
5.2 Nature (stays out before going to the ranch)
6 'I got to thinking maybe we would'
6.1 Knows it's over
6.1.1 Lennie provides hope
6.2 Complete fantasy; 'rhythmically' shows he enjoyed telling Lennie about the land
7 'For god sake Lennie don't drink so much'
7.1 Gets angry at him
7.1.1 No TLC.
7.2 Is angry not at Lennie, but rather because he knows he would be worse without Lennie, as he does not want to spend time in a 'hotel' or 'cathouses'.
7.2.1 Knows that itinerant workers have no special fate.
7.2.2 Convinces himself that Lennie is the cause to all of his problems.
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