periodontal disease

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periodontal disease
1 what is periodontal disease?
1.1 Inflammatory disease of periodontium
2 What is periodontium?
2.1 Group of tissues which support the teeth.
3 What is periodontology?
3.1 Study of healthy & diseased periodontium
4 What is plaque?
4.1 Houses stagnation areas
4.2 initial film only visible using disclosing agents
4.3 70% micro-organisms & 30% inter bacterial substances.
4.3.1 Proteins, carbohydrate cells, enzymes, toxins & acids
4.4 micro-organisms, saliva & oral debris create a sticky film over teeth. Gathers in Stagnation areas i.e. pits & fissures, gingival margin, restorations, Fixed appliances & overhangs
5 chronic
5.1 Acute
5.1.1 Quick onset NUG, perio abscess & periodontitis
5.2 Long Duration
5.2.1 chronic gingivitis & periodontitis
6 General health impact.
6.1 Immuno-compromised paitents are at higher risk due to their immune system not being able to control the bacteria which causes periodontitis.
7 Factors which INCREASE periodontal disease.
7.1 Pregnancy
7.2 Diabetes
7.3 HIV / AIDS
7.4 Leukemia
7.5 Vitamin deficencies
7.6 Drugs i.e anti-depressants
7.7 Smoking, Age & Stress
8 Factors of Plaque
8.1 Smoking
8.1.1 Pregnancy Drug induced Blood disorder
8.1.2 diabetes
9 Progression of Plaque
9.1 Organic Salivary Layer forms minutes within brushing. Stains lightly with disclosing agents. Bacteria only attaches after 3-8 hours and is non pathogenic/gram positive.
9.1.1 Clinical detectable layer of plaque forms . After 24 hours flora become complex & gram negative/pathogens are detected. Organisms increase & pathogen/gram positive presence is greater. Pathogens release a toxin which irritates soft tissues. Final phase of plaque maturation before calculus formation . Decrease in % of gram positive cocci/rods. 7 Days 3 Days 24 Hours
9.1.2 Pellicle
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