2.1 Structure of RNA and DNA

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AS - Level Biology (2 - Nucleic Acids) Mind Map on 2.1 Structure of RNA and DNA, created by Bee Brittain on 03/29/2016.

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DNA Replication
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Structure of RNA and DNA
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2.2 DNA Replication
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1.8 Factors Effecting Enzyme Action
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2.3 Energy and ATP
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Energy and ATP
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2.1 Structure of RNA and DNA
1 DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) stores genetic information
2 RNA (ribonucleic acid) transfers genetic information from DNA to the ribosomes
2.1 Ribosomes formed from RNA and proteins
3 Nucleotide Structure
3.1 RNA
3.1.1 Ribose sugar
3.1.2 Phosphate group
3.1.3 1 of 4 different bases Cytosine Guanine Adenine Uracil
3.2 DNA
3.2.1 Pentose sugar
3.2.2 Phosphate group
3.2.3 1 of 4 different bases cytosine Guanine Adenine Thymine
4 Nucleotides Join together to form Polynucleotides
4.1 A dinucleotide is formed in a condensation reaction between the sugar of one mononucleotide, and the phosphate group of another. The bond between them is a PHOSPHODIESTER bond
4.2 Chain of sugars and phosphates = sugar-phosphate backbone
5 DNA Structure
5.1 2 DNA polynucleotide stands join together by hydrogen bonding between the bases
5.1.1 2 H bonds between Adenine and Thymine
5.1.2 3 H bonds between Cytosine and Guanine
5.2 Each base only joins with one partner - complementary base pairing
5.2.1 Adenine and Thymine
5.2.2 Cytosine and Guanine
5.3 Two antiparallel polynucleotide strands twist to form double helix
6 RNA structure
6.1 single polynucleotide chain
6.2 shorter than most DNA polynucleotides