Alternative Fuels

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Triple Science: Chemistry Unit 1-Alternative Fuels

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Alternative Fuels
1 Petrol diesel and kerosene are fossil fuels made from crude oil. Fossil fuels are a non-renewable energy source that will evententually run out.
2 Biofuels are made from plants. Plants are a renewable resource because more can be grown.
3 Ethanol is a biofuel made from sugar beet or sugar cane. It can be mixed with petrol so less petrol is needed.
4 If fuel crops are grown instead of food this could put up food prices.
5 When fuel crops grow they take in carbon dioxide that will be released when they're burnt.
6 Hydrogen makes a good fuel because...
6.1 releases a large amount of energy.
6.2 produces only water as a waste product
6.3 can be made from water which is cheap and plentiful.
7 A problem with using hydrogen for cars is that its flammable and explosive.
8 When oxygen and hydrogen react together in a fuel cell, the energy released is captured as an electricity. This can be used to power a car.
9 The technology for using hydrogen for a fuel is not completely ready yet.
10 A good fuel will...
10.1 easy to ignite and keep alight.
10.2 ...not produce much ash, smoke or polluting gases.
10.3 ...release a lot of energy per kg.
10.4 easy to store and transport.
10.5 cheap to produce and use.
11 Generating hydrogen by electrolysis of water requires electricity, which is mainly produced by burning fossil fuels. This means that using a hydrogen fuelled car will result in burning fossil fuels.

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