The Heart

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GCSE Additional Applied Science (Sports Science) Mind Map on The Heart, created by Tamara Lancaster on 03/30/2016.

Tamara Lancaster
Created by Tamara Lancaster over 3 years ago
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The Heart
1 Your right ventricle pumps de-oxygenated blood into your lungs
2 Oxygenated blood returns to your left atrium
3 Your left ventricle pumps oxygenated blood to the rest of your body
4 De-oxygenated blood returns to your right atrium
5 Your cardiovascualr system is your heat and its blood vessels
6 Blood leaves your hearts ventricles through arteries. Blood returns to your hearts atria through veins
7 Heart rate is a baseline measurement that changes during excersise
7.1 Your heart rate increases during exercise to get oxygen to all parts of your body , this is why your muscles get tired
8 The only vein carrying oxygenated blood is the Pulmonary vein which goes from your lungs to your heart