Japan 2011:Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear

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Created by charund over 6 years ago
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Japan 2011:Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear
1 General
1.1 Eurasian, Pacific and Phillipine meet here
1.2 experiences 20% of worlds earthquakes
1.3 Pacific Plate move under Japan
1.3.1 honshu- densley populated
1.4 rate of movement 7.6-10.2cm per year
1.5 north- mountainous - land 200m high 18% inhabitable
2.1 Wednesday 9th March 2011
2.2 7.2 Richter Scale earthquake
2.3 subduction caused extra strain
2.4 area of existing pressure built up along margin
2.5 480km stretch of Pacific Plate breaking free and surging underneath Japan
2.6 Eurasian plate moved 2.4m eastwards. uplift of 9m
2.7 resulted in 9.0M Tohoku earthquake
3.1 epicentre under ocean floor
3.2 water travelled at 500mph
3.3 took 10mins to reach coast of Japan
3.4 wave reached 40m in places
3.5 water flowed 10km inland
3.6 Sendai airport unusable - limited aid accessibility
4 evacuation and coping strategies
4.1 electricity was cut off
4.2 telephone connections were lost
4.3 not enough emergency workers
4.4 no medicines administered
4.5 epidemics breaking out amongst vulnerable groups was high
4.6 452,000 living in evacuation facilites
5.1.1 cost $305 billion
5.1.2 47,500 buildings destroyed
5.1.3 300 hospitals damaged
5.1.4 1.5 million households without water
5.1.5 4.4 million without elec
5.2.1 solid waste and disaster debris left
5.2.2 severe contamination of soil and water halting continuation of farming
5.2.3 radiation resulting from damage to nuclear plants. Fukishima
5.3 general
5.3.1 15,676 deaths
5.3.2 5712 injured
5.3.3 4832 missing
5.3.4 60+ accounted for 66% of deaths
6 preparation
6.1 extensive system of coastal barriers - prevent damage to cities when high tsunami waves hit
6.2 were ineffective as the offshore area is shallow
6.2.1 tsunami wave reached 40m. 10m walls ineffective
7 NGOs
7.1 Japan Tsunami Appeal
7.2 first aid and emergency healthcare
7.3 distributing relief items
7.4 fitting out 7000 temporary prefabricated homes
7.5 Japanese red cross opened appeal for aid funds within hours of disaster

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