Recovery after exercise

Tamara Lancaster
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Tamara Lancaster
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GCSE Additional Applied Science (Sports Science) Mind Map on Recovery after exercise, created by Tamara Lancaster on 03/30/2016.

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Recovery after exercise
  1. Digesting carbs puts glucose into your blood. When you have too much glucose in your blood, the pancreas creates insulin.
    1. Insulin makes your liver create soluble glucose into glycogen which is then stored
    2. Exercise removes glucose from your blood
      1. When there is too little glucose in your blood, your pancreas secretes the hormone glucagon.
        1. Glucagon makes your liver converts glycogen into glucose which is then released into the blood stream
      2. Your body cannot store glucose in your blood. Instead you store starch ( aka glycogen), 20% in your liver and 80% in your muscles
        1. The hormones in insulin and glucagon control your blood glucose levels
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