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Urine formation


Unit Test 4 Biology Mind Map on Urine formation, created by LordVaishnav on 01/22/2014.
Mind Map by LordVaishnav, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by LordVaishnav over 8 years ago

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Urine formation
  1. ultra filtration
    1. happens in
      1. glomerulus
        1. bunch of capillaries
          1. found in the cup shaped bag of
            1. nephron
            2. filters
              1. dirty blood
                1. nearly all blood
                  1. except red cells
          2. slective reabsorption
            1. happens in the tubules
              1. nephrons
              2. filtered liquid
                1. enters tube like part
                  1. nephron
                    1. glucose, water and useful substances
                      1. as body needs
                        1. pass back into blood
                2. liquid left
                  1. urine
                    1. contains
                      1. urea
                        1. water
                          1. unwanted substances
                          2. passes thru
                            1. collecting duct
                              1. ureter
                                1. bladder
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