How we used Goodwin's theory in our music video

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Created by latymermedia2012 over 5 years ago
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How we used Goodwin's theory in our music video
1 Relationship between music and visuals
1.1 Our editing style will be such that it fits with the beat of the music.
1.2 Our band includes every member/instrument needed to create the sounds heard in the music.
2 Relationship between lyrics and visuals
2.1 We juxtaposed the lyrics for the music video narrative, as in the lyrics, the lead singer is portrayed as very demanding and authoritative, whereas in the narrative she's almost powerless and acts as a puppet to what the institution wants her to be.
3 Demonstration of genre characteristics
3.1 Social commentary on overexposed nature of the pop genre
3.2 Our performance, contains a generic electro rock band setup of a lead singer, guitarist, drummer and synth player.
3.3 Rock influences in our outfits, for example skinny jeans, spiked belts, bracelets and coloured hair.
4 Inter-textual References
4.1 Our narrative heavily references the Pop Genre
4.2 The pop persona of our lead singer is called "Dani California" which is a reference to a Red Hot Chilli Peppers song of the same name.
5 Voyeuristic Styles
5.1 The handheld style of some of our shots created a voyeuristic style
5.2 The Narrative is voyeuristic as the storyline revolves around intruding into the life of a celebrity to see what happens behind closed doors
5.3 During many of the happy narrative scenes there is a sense that our character is being looked at by others (such as in the Red Carpet and Fan Signing scenes) as well as being objectified (in the photo and video shoot scenes)
6 Meets the demands of the record labels
6.1 Using entertaining performance sections we promoted the band as people to see live, thus promoting any tours.
6.2 We used a consistant branding of the colour purple
6.3 Our video contains many close ups of each band member

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