Relationships (Unit 1)


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Relationships (Unit 1)
  1. The New Testaments has four words for love
    1. Philia
      1. Eros
        1. Agape
          1. Storge
          2. Sexual relationships
            1. Sex is a natural and a gift from God
              1. CHRISTIANS and MUSLIMS believed that marriage is the best time for sex to take place
                1. Sex is there to show love, commitment and procreation
                2. Contraception
                  1. Catholic Christians
                    1. They will not allow contraception except the natural rhythm method.
                      1. Artificial methods are not allowed (e.g. condoms)
                        1. Sex should be open to create new life
                        2. Protestant Christians
                          1. Contraception is allowed if acceptable to both couple
                            1. Sex MUST be within marriage
                          2. Muslims
                            1. Allow couples to use contraception, only within marriage but not for promiscuity
                              1. Artificial methods are allowed
                                1. Vasectomy are not allowed because it cannot be reversed
                            2. Marriage & Cohabitation
                              1. Christian wedding ceremony
                                1. Vicar speaks about the purpose of marriage
                                  1. Legal statements (reasons why they cannot get marry)
                                    1. Readings --> hymns --> prayers
                                      1. Promises (vows) - to have, hold, love and cherish
                                        1. Exchange of rings to symbolise eternity
                                          1. Sign the register
                                2. Christians ideas about marriage
                                  1. Marriage is a gift from God, a sacrament
                                    1. Marriage should be heterosexual
                                      1. Marriage is for life
                                        1. "'Till death do us apart"
                                          1. This vow is to each other, to God and the Christian community
                                      2. The perfect situation for the children to be brought up in; it gives a loving, stable and secure enviroment
                                      3. Muslim wedding ceremony
                                        1. Couples will have their marriage arranged
                                          1. A dowry called a 'mahr' is exchanged - either in the form of money or goods
                                            1. The ceremony is called 'Nikah' and can be taken place in large halls, at home or at Mosque
                                              1. Imam is needed
                                                1. The bride does not need to be in the wedding - but this is rare nowadays
                                                  1. Verses (ayat) from Quran are read out
                                                    1. The 'mahr' (dowry) is agreed
                                                      1. Vows are ecxchanged
                                                        1. Couple sign the wedding contract
                                          2. Muslims PROHIBIT cohabitation
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