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The Uber of Long Distance Sharing

Resource summary

  1. Service Type
    1. Gifts
      1. All Ages / All types
        1. Wrapping and Delivery
          1. Link up with online retailers?
          2. Visits
            1. Distant Ailing Family
              1. Boarding School
                1. Food
                  1. Meals
                    1. Full Delivered Meals
                      1. Regular
                        1. Sporadic
                        2. Special Celebrations
                          1. Birthday Parties
                            1. Romantic
                            2. Speciality
                              1. Dietary Specific
                                1. Geographic
                              2. Baking
                                1. Groceries
                                2. Experiences
                                  1. Trips to ......
                                    1. Movies n Theatre
                                  2. Locations
                                    1. Australia
                                      1. South Africa
                                        1. USA/Canada
                                          1. New Zealand
                                            1. United Kingdom
                                              1. Singapore
                                              2. Business Model


                                                • Members list what services they can offer to others and then these services are advertised on the site. 
                                                1. Credits Bucket


                                                  • Each service is allocated a credit value. As you serve you fill your Credits Bucket. You can then use these credits for your own purposes.
                                                  1. Suppliers advertising
                                                  2. Paid - person to person


                                                    • 'Buyer" and 'Seller" negotiate a price for the service, plus costs. OR Prices are set + costs. Payment is between buyer and seller, with parent getting a commission?
                                                    1. Suppliers advertising
                                                    2. Monetise the Service


                                                      • Payment for service + costs made via parent site.  Parent pays seller and takes a commission.
                                                      1. Suppliers advertsing
                                                    3. Service Niches
                                                      1. Ex Pats - for those back home
                                                        1. Business Gifting - more than wine/chocs
                                                        2. About
                                                          1. Name
                                                            1. You Being Me
                                                              1. You Helping Me
                                                                1. Worldwide Help
                                                                2. What we do
                                                                  1. Help Mums Earn a Bean


                                                                    • For Stay at Home Mums, Retirees, Empty Nesters, or just any Mum wanting to be an Angel and get paid for doing so!
                                                                    1. Deliver Happiness Worldwide
                                                                    2. Pitching
                                                                    3. What Others Are Doing
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