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1 A community is a group of people who share common interests.
1.1 E.g. family, parish, school, village, sports club.
1.2 Benefits: make friends, develop social skills, have a place where you belong.
2 Sharing means dividing what we have with one another.
2.1 E.g. your time, talents, ideas, possessions.
2.2 Benefits: helps people in need, self satisfaction, improves the whole community.
3 Co-operation means working together for the benefit of all.
3.1 E.g. football team - everyone must play their part to win.
3.2 Benefits: Things get done when people work together.
4 Communication is the exchange of information and ideas with other people.
4.1 E.g. talking, written, body language, eye contact, listening
4.2 Benefits: able to share ideas, helps people get on better, helps people to understand and respect each other.
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