Causes of Global Warming

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GCSE geography Mind Map on Causes of Global Warming, created by Harriet Bletcher on 04/02/2016.

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Causes of Global Warming
  1. Industry
    1. MEDCs
      1. More CO2 is produced than in LEDCs
          1. Fossil fuels
            1. Industrial revolution increased use of fossil fuels.
              1. When burnt they release CO2 and SO2.
          2. LEDCs
            1. Not much CO2 released as their industries aren't as developed.
              1. As industries develop CO2 levels will increase.
          3. Transport
            1. Airplanes
              1. Airplanes produce high levels of CO2
              2. Petrol and diseal
                1. Combust to release CO2
              3. Agriculture
                1. Cattle
                  1. Cattle farming releases methane.
                    1. Greenhouse gas
                2. Deforestation
                  1. Disrupts photosynthesis
                    1. Trees take in CO2.
                      1. Release oxygen
                        1. Releases large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.
                    2. Combustion
                      1. Releases CO2
                    3. The Greenhouse effect
                      1. Solar radiation reaches the earth as short wave radiation (sunlight).
                        1. The Earth's surface absorbs and re-radiates the solar energy as long wave radiation (heat).
                          1. Greenhouse gases
                            1. Water vapour
                              1. carbon dioxide
                                1. Nitrous oxide
                                  1. Methane
                                    1. Absorb the long wave radiation and heat the lower layer of the atmosphere.
                                      1. CFCs
                                        1. Fridges and aerosols
                                        2. Many occur naturally.
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