Shoulder Girdle Muscles
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What are the shoulder muscles

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Shoulder Girdle Muscles


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1 Supraspinatus O: All Supraspinatus Fossa, I: Greater Tubercle Of humerous, A: Assists Deltoid Abducting the Arm. Stabilizes Glenohumeral Joint
1.1 Infraspinatus O:Infrasinatus Fossa Posterior Surface of scapula, I: Greater Tubercle of Humerous, A: Laterally rotates the upper limb
1.1.1 Teres Minor O: Lateral Border Scapula, I: Greater Tuberosity of Humerous, A: Lateral (External) Rotation of Humerous: Helps Protect & Stabilize the Shoulder Joint Subscapularis O:Subscapular Fossa, I: Lesser Tubercle of Humerous, A: Medial (Internal) rotation of the head of Humerous
2 Deltoids Anterior head (clavicular portion) O: Lateral third of clavicle, I: f body of humerousDeltoid tuberosity of lateral side of body of humerous, A: Flexion & medial (internal) rotation of humerous. Middle head (acromial) O: Acromion I: Deltoid Tuberosity of lateral side of body of humerous, A: Abdution of humerous. Posterior Head (spinal) O: Scapular spine, I: Deltoid tuberosity of lateral of body of humerous, A: Extension & Lateral rotation of Humerous
3 Rotatar Cuff Muscles
4 Pectoralis Major O: Anterior surface of sternal portion of clavicle the anterior surface of the sternum, The Cartilages of the true ribs, and the aponeurosis of external oblique, I: Crest of greater tubercle of the humerous, A: Adducts & Flexes the Arm & rotates it medially (Inward)
4.1 Latissimus Dorsi O: Spinous processes T07-T12, L01-L05 & sacrum; thoracolumbar Fascia; Inferior portion of scapula; Posterior third of the Illac crest, Ribs 09-12, A: Medial rotation Adduction, extension & respiration


  • Lat
4.1.1 Teres Major O: Inferior Angle Of Scapula , I: Intertubercular Groove of Humerous, A: Extension, Adduction and Medial (internal) Rotation of Humerous


  • Teres Major Coracobrachialis O: coracoid process of scapula I: Medial surface & Border of humerous, A: Adduction & Flexion of humerous; assist in retaining the head of the bone in contact with the glenoid cavity
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