How write an essay

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Things to keep in mind when writing an essay

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How write an essay
1 Introduction (Say what your going to say)
1.1 Thesis statement
1.1.1 Points to support my answer
1.1.2 Short statements
1.2 (Introduce everything that will be discussed)
1.3 Answer the question
1.3.1 Make an arguable claim
2 Body (Say it)
2.1 Paragraphs
2.1.1 Important things to remember Keep information relevant to the answer Begin each paragraph with a topic of discussion from the original thesis statement One idea per paragraph Place ideas in order of importance Don't introduce any new ideas in the body stage
2.1.2 Paragraph content 1.) Start each paragraph with a topic sentence A restatement of one of your thesis statements 2.) Support that idea Give reasons for why Back-up reasons with data Expand upon the idea Explain the idea 3.) Finish each paragraph with a hook (or a connection) to the next paragraph Then begin the following paragraph with a hook or connection to the previous paragraph
3 Conclusion (Say what you've said)
3.1 Restate your thesis
3.2 Give a summary of what you stated in the body
3.3 Give a concluding thought or statement that will finalize the essay and wrap it up
4 Purposes of writing an essay
4.1 Inform
4.1.1 Provide facts, not opinions
4.2 Persuade
4.2.1 Call to action
4.3 Explain
4.3.1 Help your audience to understand
4.4 Entertain
4.4.1 Create emotional experience
5 Questions to answer for the reader
5.1 What?
5.2 How?
5.3 Why?
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