Enzyme Classification

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Stoker, H.S. 1998. ORGANIC AND BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY. Major and Subclasses

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Enzyme Classification


  • Classification
1 Hydrolases
1.1 catalyze substrate hydrolysis reaction - addition of water molecule to a bond causing break
1.1.1 Lipases hydrolysis of ester linkages
1.1.2 Proteases hydrolysis of peptide linkages
1.1.3 Nucleases hydrolysis of sugar-phosphate ester bonds in nucleic acids
1.1.4 Carbohydrases hydrolysis of glycosidic bonds
1.1.5 Phosphatases hydrolysis of phosphoester bonds
2 Lyases
2.1 cleavage without hydrolysis
2.1.1 dehydrases removal of H2O from substrate
2.1.2 decarboxylases removal of CO2 from substrate
2.1.3 deaminases removal of NH3 from substrate
3 Oxidoreductases
3.1 Catalyze redox reactions involving substrate molecules(Addition of O or removal of H)
3.1.1 Oxidases Removal of H molecule
3.1.2 Reductases Addition of H molecule
3.1.3 Dehydrogenases with participation of a coenzy,me (NADH, FADH2, NADPH, FMNH2)
4 Ligases
4.1 catalyze bonding of 2 substrates with ATP participation
4.1.1 synthetases formation of new bond between substrates
4.1.2 carboxylases formation of new bond between substrate and CO2; addition of a Carbon to the backbone
5 Transferases
5.1 transfer of a functional group between two substrates
5.1.1 Kinases transfer of a phosphate group (identified with presence of ATP)
5.1.2 Transaminases transfer of amino acids
6 Isomerases
6.1 conversion of a substrate into an isomer
6.1.1 racemases D to L isomer
6.1.2 mutases conversion into a structural isomer
6.1.3 epimerases one sugar epimer to another
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