Causes of The US consitution 1787

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Causes of The US consitution 1787
1 Declaration of indepedence july the 4th 1776
1.1 Creates the confederation congress: executive institution
1.1.1 Assembles the 13 colonies in one confederation
1.1.2 More of a treaty of friendship or alliance Can declare war and institute foreign policy
1.1.3 Not much power (cannot levy taxes)
1.1.4 Fear from the people that there might be an attack on a country with such as weak executive
2 Inspired by English legal and political history
2.1 Mainly by the Magna Carta 1215
2.2 But also by political philosophers such as John Locke
2.2.1 Government with the consent of those governed
2.2.2 Rights of life: Liberty and property
2.2.3 Pure Liberal
3 Also trauma from British colonial rule
3.1 The Mayflower compact 1620
3.1.1 Settlers arrived in Cape cod Massachusets instead of Virginia
3.1.2 Established a political contract, an agreement
3.1.3 Inspired the constitution because "government with consent of the governed. Also, written down by the pilgrims when the british never did.
4 Reformed the institutions: Federation vs confederation
4.1 Established three branches of power
4.1.1 Legislative: Congress (bicameral) House of representatives Representatives calculated according to the state's ppopulation Senate Each state gets two senators
4.1.2 Executive
4.1.3 judicial

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